Live odds on H2H matchups

Hey guys, I was sweating Ghim vs Reed in my tournament H2H matchup in Mexico… Reed finished bogey, double, par and I won by one stroke! That got me thinking… is there a way to select two golfers currently playing their round and see what the updated line is that they’ll win the matchup? Maybe this feature is available already? If not, would be an awesome add.


Hey, sorry for the late reply. No, you can’t do this on the site currently. We did have this in the works when we were working on a bet tracker (which is still stuck in the pipeline) to generate live EV estimates, but we hit a couple snags. Basically to do it now we would just need to save our simulation files that run every 5 minutes (currently we just save them between rounds). Feasible, but not worth the server costs / longer runtime for the live model at the moment.

That makes sense. Thanks Matt!