Masters DK Ownership

Do you guys have any insight into the driver for projected Masters ownership on DK? How often will these be updated?

Are these based off market sentiment at all, or strictly data based? It seems like some guys like Connors/Henley will be much higher owned than currently projected.


They are based off a simple formula that includes salary, betting market consensus odds, DG odds, and a measure of market sentiment (i.e. how much players are being talked about).

We will update them again soon. We have just moved to an ownership process where we make our own ownerships (previously we got them from Daily Roto). We still use some of the information provided by Daily Roto, so sometimes we have to wait on them to update ownerships. In the near future we’ll do them completely ourselves which will allow us to update frequently from mid-Tuesday onwards.

What makes you think Connors/Henley should be way higher (I’m just curious)? There are a couple good plays right around them too (e.g. Fitz).

Also it should be obvious but you can make manual tweaks to ownership on the optimizer if you have a few disagreements with our projections.

Thanks Matt - that’s helpful and makes sense.

Right after I posted I actually realized I meant to type Connors/Fitz (had just been looking at Henley), really just based on projections and commentary from content providers. I think those two have the potential to be top 5 ownership overall. Henley potentially higher than what you have not significantly so.

I think the more drastic difference is someone like Hideki who has WD the past two tournaments, I can’t imagine him being more than 5% owned.