Masters Player Decompositions

Would it be possible to post an early look at the player decomp page for the Masters (or whichever major is next up in rotation at any point in time)? Obviously the projections would change each week as new data is added, but with the field mostly set for the Masters, I don’t see any harm in posting an early look at the event for curious viewers with weekly updates along the way until Masters week.

+1 for this from me.
I think i was only a member for 1 major last year, but remember it was up earlier than usual - I think about this time.

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Add the option for Sratch Premium to Ban LivGolfers from ones viewing experience. In todays culture these affects are supposed to be taken seriously. Please let me ban LIV from my experience.

+1 from me as well on this!

-1 from me

The bookies trap themselves by manually tweaking the major prices throughout the year, leave them to do that. If nothing else, because they generally just increase their vig by shortening these prices, there will be a push out on Monday of the Masters. For example, the bet365 book was about 136% last year, right now it is about 150-156%.


What does this even mean?

I think it might be a bot or something. Although it wasn’t flagged by the forum software.

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