Matchups API endpoint

I’m wondering if the description of the Matchups&3BallOdds return value is correct.

“Returns the most recent tournament match-up, round match-up, and 3-ball odds offered at 8 sportsbooks alongside the corresponding prediction from our model.”

I’m seeing all the odds from each sportsbook but not the “corresponding prediction from our model” in the json being returned. Am I missing something obvious here?

Is it possible to get the individual matchup EVs from the api, the same value that appears when you hover over the matchup in the GUI?

Yes I think you are missing them. “Datagolf” is listed along with the books.

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duh, I knew it would be obvious. thanks for the quick response and sorry to miss it.

another follow-up question would be if it is possible to get the expected value for the matchup from the api?

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nvermind, found the calculation. great job on the site! its been fun messin about with api.


I hope I’m not missing something obvious too, but how can we access the DG model predictions for the “Historical Match-Ups & 3-Balls” endpoint? I’ve tried setting ‘Datagolf’ as the book but it throws a 400 error.