Matchups day 1?

Will we be seeing any matchups for day 1?





The tools won’t be getting updated as it’s quite a bit of work on our end, simply because the probabilities for this event are generated in a completely different way.

It’s a bit more work to compare to the bookmakers, but all the probabilities for day 1 matchups are listed here.

Is there an endpoint we can pull these down from?

any chance of putting the tie odds/implied chances in on this page as your odds for each player in the matches have the tie overround in their prices? cheers

@louisb they are not in the API now, we still haven’t built up everything for this week that we have for normal events.

@betdetective not sure I understand: we show the outright win probability for each golfer, so in percent terms, the tie odds equals 1 - odds1 - odds2.

Hi Matt, i mean on here 1.84 rahm and 2.95 munoz. the tie odds need to be in there too


Right, so you do kind of need to have them in percent format for the tie probability to be obvious.

1/1.84 is 54.3%, and 1/2.95 is 33.8%, so the tie probability is 100% - 54.3% - 33.8% = 11.7%.

If you’re trying to figure out the WP% if a tie is a push (no tie option) how would you do that?

Using those numbers above would it be 54.3/88.1 and 33.8/88.1, much like figuring out the juice free odds in a regular market?


Yes that works for calculating the break-even price.

You could also calculate EV directly by doing .543 * (european_odds - 1) + .338 * (-1).

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