Matthieu Pavon -- was he ever in the at Dubai field this week?

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My first post, so please go easy!

Does anybody know what happened to Matthieu Pavon at the Dubai Desert Classic? He was in the early Data Golf Pre-tourney Predictions and my book had him available at odds of 8.00 for a T20. Decent value so I placed an early bet on him–that was on Tuesday.

I’ve only checked back in today, and he does not appear to be in the field. However, I don’t see a WD or anything indicating he was even going to play. I’ve searched everywhere and everything that I can think of (news sources, socials, etc.) but nothing. Does anybody know anything?

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Yes he was in the field and on their leaderboard up until about halfway through the day Thursday, when he was replaced by Ricardo Gouveia (add him to the Euro live model plot and you’ll see he didn’t appear until 1230 local time). The European Tour is awful at announcing WDs.

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I believe he had to WD LAST week due to covid, so I was assuming he never cleared to be in this week, but you are right I did not see anything regarding that THIS week

Thanks for the info, guys.

Good to know I’m not losing my mind!

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