MGM no longer pay ties in full

I was surprised when MGM applied dead heat rules to my nationality bet. I followed up with support, and specifically asked about top 5/10/20 markets, and was told “Dead heat rules apply to all placings in a tournament”. I’m not sure if/when this was changed, but if true I hope DataGolf will edit the MGM disclaimer on the betting tool page.

I think it’s only their winners markets as I noticed the overall first round leader did not say ties paid in full, but the top 5/10 for the same market did

I have no idea what the answer is in this particular case, but after 10 years and 100+ bookies; whatever the support agent says you’d do well in assuming they’re wrong


Alright that’s very fair, so hopefully MGM does still have favorable top 5/10/20 rules. But they do not pay nationality ties in full.

They have never paid nationality or FRL ties in full. look for the little i and click on it. if it’s ties in full it will say so.


So is the tl;dr here that nothing needs to change on scratch tools?

Correct… Thanks! 20 characters

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MGM has some place bets now, and they all say ties paid in full, so (surprise surprise) the support agent was full of shit.