Mistake in Open de Espana sims

Unfortunately we simulated with a 3-round cut for our first few runs this week (I forgot to change the cut parameter from last week). Pretty annoyed by this, but it mainly just has a large effect on cut probabilities (2-3% for the top / bottom guys), and probably the finish probabilities above 40 or so. T20 probabilities and down are basically unaffected (somewhat surprisingly…). Hopefully this doesn’t impact anyone too much; sorry about this.

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Oh, this is not good.

I’ve 68% of my weeks bets in this area. My weighted EV% has gone from c.15% to c.12% and four bets are now below the threshold I have in the market. Still healthy overall but would have allocated more elsewhere.

Stuff happens and DG has paid for nice holidays for me so hard feelings, just letting you know it does have consequences.

Think additions like Jeremy Paul also hurting when comparing to the initial projections so presumably not all due to this

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Yeah, I don’t take the mistake lightly. Was pretty pissed off about it… should probably come up with a system that doesn’t rely on me remembering to change that parameter.