Nesmith for the win?

So are we all sending it on Nesmith tonight lol?

Fyi at ResortsWorld you can still get +600 on him.

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It has me puzzled. But Betcris, who actually sets their own lines, does have him at +345.

We would be high on NeSmith anyways, but he’s getting a decent bump for leading the field (by quite a bit) in APP + OTT performance over the first 2 rounds. I just don’t see how Hadwin (trailing by 2) can be favoured over NeSmith, or JT, trailing by 4 (!) could be, given their pre-tournament skill levels and performance in these 2 rounds. Unless the books are just applying a massive choke adjustment to NeSmith.


The Betcris number is reassuring - it does seem like books bake in huge choke factors on less established golfers. I am in on him though, seems like a good spot. Let’s go NeSmith!

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