New FanDuel Limits This Week

Has anyone else been severely limited so far at FanDuel this week, as a new phenomenon? I’m just trying to gauge whether my action has been flagged or if this week is a bit of a one-off being a new course, etc. They also were pretty slow getting lines posted, so that may have something to do with it.

Congratulations. You’ve been flagged as a good gambler. Take your action to another book now…or maybe your wife/girlfriend/brother would like a FanDuel account :wink:


Just curious, what are people’s experience in getting limited? For example, have people been flagged when they start betting more (and winning), or have people simply been flagged by consistently having good CLV? I imagine both, but just curious in different people’s experience.

I myself have noticed on draftkings that some of my bets have required “approval” from a trader before they go in. Sometimes they are accepted and sometimes they are rejected.

I’ve had the same issues at DK. FanDuel had been pretty good up until this week

Depending on which state ur in u might have the new FD app (in illinois it was released ~ a month ago). On the new app you can easily see the standard limits by typing in large bet amount before logging in. Then if you login and do the same you can see the max bet. For the palmetto this week the standard limit on finishing position are far lower than typical pga w the max win at $100 (which is in line w a euro or KF event) but the matchups are normal ($6k). Im fairly certain this is an error, and I would email them but I don’t want to draw any attention to myself

I am limited at most places I bet, I would say DK is the best as far as higher limits and I do a couple things to try to keep it going. I never ever request above the approved the amount and I bet each bet one at a time. I’m pretty sure going against either of these will get you limited much faster

@feltindonks Thanks, I was hoping it had more to do with the tourney. I opened a ticket, which hopefully doesn’t draw any unwanted attention. I don’t think I’ll press the issue any further. I am surprised to hear that DK has been best for you. They’ve been the worst for me for a while

What do you mean by “bet each bet one at a time” ? You only ever have one open bet?

Just one bet per bet slip. I have reason to believe that having multiple bets on the same bet slip will get you limited faster

Funny, I always do in one slip as well but just because it’s easier for me to track. Guess it’s a good thing I’m doing it that way

Guilty, I put in up to 16 wagers per slip, rushing to get the wagers in before the inevitable odds crash

They start out with semi-reasonable odds before increasing the juice on every golfer by ~10% within minutes

Sometimes you get lucky and they decide to give us an hour or two before the inevitable adjustment

Of course, if it was like last week’s European event every week I would be in no rush. But when you have to lock in dozens of wagers in a short time using a mobile device, you have no other choice

@feltindonks Odd. My max win for matchups and finishing position is $600, outright $20k

FanDuel is trying something new this week, instead of betting limits they have time limits

They flashed T5 and T10 odds for like 10 seconds. Then the odds instantly jumped like 20-30% across the board before being taken down. They came back up with even worse odds.

Bumping this bc my FD limits are strange this week, the euro tour event is my standard limited account but for rocket mortgage it’s even lower. Anyone else seeing this?

Things have been back to normal for me. Was just an isolated incident at Congaree