Pebble Ending After 54 Holes

This is becoming more and more of a possibility. The course has just taken on a ton of rain and I don’t think it’s going to be playable with rain in the forecast tomorrow. If this does happen, how does this work for outright and place bets? I assume most books have a 54 hole rule in place? My 40/1 Hubbard T5 ticket sure hopes so!

This article goes through those scenarios with a lot of different books -

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I’m wanting my shot at Hubbard winning!

I wonder what happens if you bet Wyndham rn. Is it priced in? Or just voided?

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Not having a cut is insanely stupid. If you want the pay the guys who played bad, fine, but send them home.

The extra 40 players made it impossible to get extra holes in Saturday, and shortened the window to get the course playable Monday.

So lame and so dumb!!