Pebble/Spyglass difficulty question

I know I’m about to look really dumb, but I need to ask
Pebble Beach Golf Links -1.33 strokes per round; Spyglass Hill Golf Course -0.82. It is worth 2.2 DK SD points to be on the Spyglass relative to Pebble Beach.
The scores are expected to be lower on Pebble, but it’s a fantasy advantage to play Spyglass?
Are there more birdie/eagle opps on Spyglass, but overall harder (would be a way to get better fantasy scores there).
Or am I reading this backward that -1.33 isn’t “lower” than -.82.

Thank you!

Ah, sorry for the confusion. There should be a negative in that… not sure why there wasn’t.

ha! ok. Easy answer. You had me running the scenarios! appreciate your work. Thank you so much!

Should have went with the mistake adjustments!

Really interesting situation. Pebble seems to either be getting the worst of the wind or is more affected by wind? Possible randomness/different field strength also I guess.

Ya Pebble is much harder than Spyglass when there are windy conditions. Most likely a combination of that and variance of skill level with who played which course.

According to our skill, the SH wave is 0.3 strokes/round better.

A couple more exposed holes on Pebble, but Spyglass is a freaking grind no matter the conditions. Ball doesn’t go anywhere there.

So SH played 0.3 strokes easier than Pebble yesterday?