Interesting finish coming up with plenty of DG favorites in the hunt for placing. Hoge, Ghim, and hopefully I can finally make some money on grinder Im.

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Classic mental breakdown in the making.

edit: Here we go Ghim. Have you ever closed out a performance worth the name? I see better shots at the local beginner courses. Jesus f****** christ.


The Scott Piercy implosion is so satisfying to watch. Hoge needs to spin up the stack, one time!


RIP Tom Hoge. It was a good run while it lasted :frowning:

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Anyone else get destroyed fading Chesson Hadley this week? Cutline, vs. Malnati yesterday, vs. Cink today :expressionless:

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Doug Ghim, well done! :joy: :joy:

edit: Overall a good DG performance here for me though with Hoge and Im T5/10/20!


Ya, very annoying. Hadley is another guy who seems to be back (relatively speaking) and the model just isn’t adjusting enough. Look how bad his '22 season was up until 4 weeks ago. Definitely something to look at this off season in the model department.

  1. Tommy Tables baby! Need to get on the craps table with him at DG’s annual client appreciation summit in vegas this year.

  2. Tough back 9 for Doug.

  3. Chesson Hadley sucks! He is not back. This is like the two weeks a year that I break 40 every year. I will fade him to the moon.

" Look how bad his ['22 season] was up until 4 weeks ago" Exactly! This is the real Chesson.