Possible endpoint request - hole by hole

I like to do my own modeling, and I’m interested in slightly more granular data than round by round. I understand that you’re probably keeping shot by shot data private for various reasons, but I don’t think it would be too hard or too unreasonable to provide hole by hole data to the $270/year level subscribers. Otherwise I have a lot of scraping work in my future.

I’ve contacted the PGA with similar requests and they’ve been dismissive. I don’t know how you all got your partnership with them to provide shot by shot, but congrats, that has got to be a gold mine.

In a similar vein, I’ve really enjoyed the collegefootballdata.com prediction contest. It has built community and gotten me in contact with people with similar interests. Perhaps you could start something like that.

Unfortunately, anything we provide in the API has to be approved by the PGA Tour. Shot-level data is a definite no-go for them; hole-level data we could ask them about. The Tour is quite protective of their shot-level data (in terms of giving out official access), especially now that there are bookmakers paying a lot for it. We don’t really use the shot-level data that much, as the site was mainly built when we didn’t have official access from the Tour and so we stayed away from using it for fear of getting their attention. But we are building new pages now that leverage it.

If you want more details on the shot-level data and having a relationship with the PGA Tour, send me an email.

That college football site is cool. A couple years back we wanted to do a prediction contest but the idea never got much traction. Could think about doing that again.

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Great, thanks for the prompt reply.