Puerto Rico Open

Matt, they were giving me 2.2 odds on a 1.11 chance! That’s 82% of bankroll going by Kelly criterion. 9% went on that one alone. Of course I lumped my entire bankroll with that amount of green. It’s spread over 35 bets with the vast majority at odds of evens or shorter. It might all disappear but given the CLV, it was the right decision and I can live with it if it goes pear shaped.


Your situation is what I would call a “bonanza” and I have risked my entire bankroll in situations like that many times

You almost always win, as in like 90% of the time and your bankroll grows 20% or more

Of the 10% you lose, the vast majority of the time you lose very little

It’s not just math, I’ve actually performed this several times and it works like a charm (but eventually it got me limited LOL)

When 365 inform you about the ‘restriction’ - it’s more of a complete ban unfortunately. You’re unlikely to get down more than one dollar on just about anything

Yeah that’s why I tried the hit and run instead playing the guessing game on how to avoid getting limited

I mean I could have deposited $1K, lay low for 3 months, then slowly start to grow the bankroll but then get limited 5 months later, before it reaches $2K

I didn’t want to take that chance so I just fired with both barrels from the start

That’s what I’m assuming. Is it blanket across all sports?

Yes it was a blanket ban from my experience

Aye, restricted to 1% of max stakes on all markets. So those over/under player finish position bets are to win a max of £2 now.

I’m so jealous! My fuckin brother asked me to help him move his new outdoor furniture and I missed out by like 30 minutes… I did get free sushi though :sweat_smile:

Holy shit Obgeoff I’m rooting for you this week buddy, I hope you clean those fuckers out!

William Hill is looking like the best Win market these days anyway.

Yeah it would be a nice parting shot

Good luck!

Prediction: your bankroll goes up by 40%

They’ve essentially done the same thing with 3-balls. You can bet against all the past champs who haven’t broken 80 in a year.

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