Puerto Rico Open

Any update here on when you guys will post? Guessing we have some values here. Also, Scott Piercy was listed at 350-1 on FD for about 5 minutes. Hope some of you guys got that!

Oh my, look at all that green.

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Hoping for more green after Round 1 and maybe after Round 2.
Not a lot of props or place markets though (that’s not Datagolf’s fault though)

DG’s prop machine is still showing Barracuda?

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Did you bet any of those MC bets, haha?

Kevin Stadler @ 2.0 to miss the cut! They’ve taken most of them down / moved them drastically. I only bet a few, felt like cheating :grinning:.

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Yeah, got on Stadler, Saavedra-Davila (is his 1.11 DG probability real or should I be worried?), Nido, Campbell, Potter Jr, Carr and Gainey. Care is the only one left out of them.

My problem was bankroll - the finishing position market had so much value that I exhausted a fair chunk of my bankroll before I got to the missed cuts.

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I’d have to get a lot down on those MC bets to be willing to do it since it’s almost certainly the last thing you do before getting limited. But given how extreme it was it might just have been worth wasting an account

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True. Although I’ve had a 365 account for years so I don’t think I’m on their radar. I don’t bet enough, presumably.

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If you want to look a bit more square/optimise your staking, then combining the singles into doubles and trebles is a good strategy.

All you’re doing there is compounding the value (so three 115% EV singles could be combined into a 152% EV treble) and consequently getting more value per £/$ staked. There’s increased variance, but that evens out over time.

Particularly useful in weeks like this where there’s an obscene amount of green to where you’d be in danger of running out of money before you get to it all.


Idk if this is anything more than anecdotal evidence but I found 365 didn’t care too much about me when betting golf somewhat profitably and early. I got limited when betting on a more niche market more than once, which is to say bet at 20/1, hit again at 16/1, hit again at 10/1, etc.

So not doing that, not betting massive, not only attacking clear mistakes on Monday AM, not withdrawing all the time and folk might have a shot to keep it.

Just got an email that cashout functionality is being removed and betting restrictions to my account from now. It was a nice run whilst it lasted. Hopefully the closing line value comes to fruition…

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I’m already transitioning away from the sportsbooks, hoping that betting exchanges will become more prominent in the US

Problem with Exchanges is lack of markets and liquidity on the markets that they do have. Good luck getting better Top 20 odds than sportsbooks and liquidity on the Puerto Rico open on Betfair Exchange for instance.

Miss Cut, Top Nationality etc only offered for majors.

Very few matchup or 3Ball bets have enough volume to play. Potential for laying odds yourself if you have enough bankroll though. The bots are likely to use your offer as a market maker though.

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I’m in the US so I will be playing Sporttrade (if it becomes available in my state)

My goal is to become the market marker and I would concentrate much of my efforts on niche markets (LIV, LPGA, Champions)

I won’t wean myself off of the sportsbooks completely but I would like to see what a tight T20 market looks like.

I don’t worry about the bots since I have dealt with them before. Once in a blue moon you can trick them and make a few extra bucks (LOL).

The thing is I don’t have to limit myself to golf in an exchange, I can make markets in basketball for example. Concentrate on niche markets, see if I can generate interest and cross my fingers.

Hm ya that’s probably because the lines moved so much your cashout would be a nice profit right now. So you think you’ll have strict betting limits going forward on all bets?

I’ve never seen B365 move their lines as aggressively as they just did for Puerto Rico. Must have got hit pretty hard.

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I bet all my bankroll yesterday so will have to wait for a payout to see just how restricted it will be.

Cashout functionality is just gone forever. I bet soccer props and occasionally get significant CLV where the cashout is almost the full payout. I never cash them.

It is what it is. No pressure, Matt - just need your Puerto Rico model to be the most accurate you’ve ever produced.


Betfair exchange has been about in the UK for about 25 years, and as of right now a grand total of £134 has been traded on the top 20 market for Puerto Rico.

They don’t even bother offering anything except the win market on senior and LPGA golf because that gets so little action. Nobody is making these markets because nobody is interested in taking the other side.


As I said before I’ll take the action wherever I can get it
Golf isn’t the only sport on an exchange. I might have better luck in basketball, football, or NASCAR

Haha you actually bet your entire bankroll? I mean the finish position / win bets will always be pretty random even with a big edge, but the MC bets should be pretty safe.


In my (brief) time at Bet365 I bet the equivalent of 1.5X my bankroll spread over 300+ bets over 2 weeks so it’s definitely possible

It was the best experience I’ve ever had at a sportsbook, 'tis a shame it didn’t last long but it was a great 2 weeks!