Q School Model for this weekend

Will there be a live model for the Q school finals?

Also, assuming the pre-tourney model is close to correct, this event likely has the by far the most value of any event of the year.

We are planning to do the live model, ya. It’s unique in that they are playing multiple courses through the weekend which we’ve never seen before, but should be fine.

And ya, there is a lot of value. I would be a bit careful as we don’t have data from the first couple stages of q-school, but I feel like as long as you are just betting on guys and not against them (matchups) it shouldn’t matter too much that we are missing data on some players.

Hi ! Would you care to explain why you think this is the event with the most value ?

I only have the basic scratch subscription and cannot run custom model but would gladly update if I learn how and if there is value, like you say.


Just look at the listed odds versus the pre-event odds to win in the DataGolf model.

You will never, ever see a bigger discrepancy between the two.

This indicates huge value if you trust the DataGolf Model.

I don’t see a big difference on my books, between the odds I can bet on and the odds from the pre-tournament model.

Which books are you using?

You get on Endycott?

That was obviously an exciting tournament to follow with such high stakes, but do we think it is that a good way to give out tour cards?

No, probably not the fairest way. But I like the idea of giving a small number of cards out to guys that have a great week when they really need one. Plus it’s not like there aren’t other avenues now that reward a solid full season of play.

I guess for guys that finish outside 125th on the PGA Tour, they went from being able to play for 25 cards over 3 weeks at KFT finals, to playing 1 week for just 5 cards. So, kind of sucks for that group.

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I actually managed ot put a coupla units on Endycott with odds of 30 (+2900) and 24 (+2300), even Round 1.

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Kinda bummed Nakajima didn’t manage to finish on the Top 5. Was curious to see him on the PGA with the results he has secured on the Japan Tour.

I could see him as a great addition to the DP World Tour, getting similar results to his fellow
countryman Ryo Hisatsune.