Quail Hollow - President's Cup Data?

Hey DG community, I wasn’t around back during the President’s cup last September but found on Google there was a custom page added to track it. Noticed though that SG player data for the President’s cup isn’t being shown in anyone’s course history and couldn’t find any mention in a forum search about whether it was meant to be added or not.

Assuming the data is unavailable, wondering how this impacts some key players in the model this weekend playing at the same course in Wells Fargo. Specifically someone like Max Homa who played extremely well here in Sep and has only 9 rounds of course history before that.

In scratch tools Homa is showing as overvalued across the board including Miss Cut bet value, but wondering how much his Pres Cup performance may theoretically eat into that. For example, could that event play as much as a +0.2 SG impact on his course history putting him more in line with odds for someone like Sam Burns?