Rahm - how are bookies treating it?

Rahm situation is obviously nuts. Very unfortunate for him.

How are your bookies treating it? I was pleasantly surprised to be paid out for a tournament matchup bet against McIlroy and a tournament trio by Skybet. Almost feel bad that I have both Noren and Rozner backed for Top Continental European with them.

Looks like all my Morikawa bets are alive and will be paid in full if he wins.
I got very lucky, his chances went from 5% to 40% in one fell swoop.
I think a few years back Harrington got DQ’d while he had a 5 stroke lead with 1 round to go. There was another instance Taylor Smith made the playoff in a tournament vs. Tiger Woods but was DQ’d.

Not on the same scale but Darren Clarke withdrew after 1 round after being 1 stroke out of the lead and Hunter Mahan withdrew after 2 rounds while leading.

Overall these situations are messy and maddening for both the bettors and the books.