Scoring error at LIV

Did anyone notice how long DJ was at -7 through 18 on the LIV leaderboard? Perhaps it was just momentarily… but our finish tool post-round 2 updated with DJ at -7. So naturally Cam’s win prob was a lot higher. It’s fixed now, hopefully nobody bet the house on Cam in the meantime…

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I did bet it and unfortunately it is one of those that Bet365 impose a “penalty” to cash out even though the Cam odds haven’t changed.

Decisions, decisions - take a 14% guaranteed loss or sweat it out on a large 0.2% EV play?

I could fund my exchange account and lay cam - would be c. 4% guaranteed loss then.

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B365 cashout is a joke.

Hm. I guess if you want convince yourself to keep the bet you could argue that Smith shouldn’t be given the typical ‘pressure’ adjustment of leading into final round (~0.4 strokes), as he’s proven to be a good performer when in contention (so far). So if his adjustment was only like -0.1 he’d be like 5% EV probably. Not that any of this justification actually matters haha.

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Well, it went to 10 and 7 straight away. Clearly LIV is scripted and they inadvertently broke the news early for the LIV live model.


Actually the finish of the PGA Tour event was way more suspicious LOL
In pro wrestling they call that a botch

Anyway congrats on the win, Obgeoff