SG for single shots

Since SG is calculated on a shot-by-shot basis, I was wondering whether it would be possible to calculate tables like this:

  1. Excellent/Terrible shots
    Basically you would tabulate all shots that were greater than +0.75 SG or less than -0.75 SG. It might look something like this:

Spieth Round 1, Waste Management Open
Excellent shots:
Hole 2, 4th shot, 20 foot putt, in the hole, +0.83 SG
Hole 5, 3rd shot, 70 yard shot, 2 feet from the hole, +0.77 SG
Total Excellent shots: 2
Total strokes gained: +1.60

Terrible shots:
Hole 3, 1st shot, 260 shot to hazard, -1.64 SG
Hole 18, 4th shot, 4 foot 6 inch putt, 2 feet from the hole, -0.83 SG
Total Terrible shots: 2
Total strokes lost: -2.47

  1. Shots of the day
    We could have a list of the top 5 shots of the day, using the same principles.

Top Approach Shots

  1. Cameron Smith, Hole 4, 1st shot, in the hole, +2.23 SG
  2. Jordan Spieth, Hole 8, 2nd shot, in the hole, +1.88 SG

Top Tee Shots

  1. Bryson DeChambeau, Hole 6, 1st shot, 370 yards, 88 from the hole, +1.03 SG

I think it would be fun to have around for trivia purposes.