Shergo Al Kurdi

Henrik Stenson had to WD from LIV due to vertigo. Much more likely is that he was paid off to withdraw after so much action betting against him vs Wolff from the DG faithful.

Anyways, he was replaced by Shurgo Al Kurdi, whose DG profile I provide below:

Question 1: Is this the worst player to every play in a event for more than 20mm?

Question 2: Should the DG forum start sending one or two members to every LIV event, in case they need an alternate player? How cool would it be to have one of us play for 20 million? We can’t be much worse than this guy.

I don’t know about you man, but I’m losing more than 6 strokes to the average PGA field on any given day.

Was this the guy who went +17 today?

That was Sihwan Kim… How TF did that even happen.

Sihwan Kim 63. Golf, bloody hell.

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They needed an emergency replacement and Shergo Al Kurdi was available, that is that

I’m guessing LIV Golf will have a reserve list of ~5-10 players, made up of the highest finishers in the Asian Tour or International Series Order of Merit

If one of your 4 team members gets hurt or is out for the week you can sign someone from the reserve list, either just for the week or for the rest of the season

Honestly that makes more sense than having every team having a 6 man roster

He did not play that bad.
He finished T35 in the individual portion and his team finished 3rd.
Total earnings: $144K + $125K = $269K