Some suggestions

Any plans to upgrade the Challenge tour on the website - add to schedule, live scoring, bet tracking? I’d especially love the latter would prevent manually keeping the bets in a separate sheet.

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+1 for that, do enjoy a Challenge tour bet

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Hey guys, when I download stats for a particular tournament the position and total score categories for R1,R2 and R3 default to the final tournament figures for each category.

For me it would be preferable if these figures reflected the score and position after each round so one can easily trace a players progress throughout the tournament.

Having said that, not sure whether live scoring will be beneficial as I’m not aware of any bookmakers that offer Challenge Tour in play - are you?

Historical placement payouts for players. For example if you blindly betted $100 on Player X for a top Nth place since date D your ROI would be what.

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I have a suggestion that would help some of my reporting. Any chance we could get an API screen for the mybets section of the website? I would love being able to call in my script the total ev of my portfolio and some other stuff that I think could be best leveraged form the my bets section.

Curious if you’ve ever thought about adding what the projected line is, currently I just do some math with the API and say what’s the highest score with a greater than 50% chance to make the cut. But that’s probably not the most accurate way to calculate. Would also would be nice to see the projected prize winnings, even just an estimate.

Projected cutline? It’s on our live model page, and is probably the most popular feature on the website!

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Of course and I reference it all the time. I should have clarified that I would love to see it in the API.

Ah okay haha, noted.

Any chance to get the weather widget in Field Updates for KFT? Seems like there is already the data in KFT Live Model!

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