Sub Tours: 1/14 - 1/17

Here we go! Excited to use the new Data Golf tool for Sub Tours!

This week’s events:
Australia - Australian PGA Championshp
Asia - Singapore International

I believe Korn Ferry Tour gets a regular update, similar to PGA Tour and Europe

I’m excited to see how the Sub Tour model performs! (My guess is, very well)

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Yes, should be exciting… we unfortunately have to wait until the field is posted on OWGR as that is the only way we can do this without making it quite painful for us. Hopefully they are up soon!

What books will be covering these events? Especially ones that can be used by US bettors…

In the past Bovada has covered Japan Golf Tour
They had the South African Open as well

Posted Aussie PGA! I’m actually pretty excited about this page too.

Quick look (using our defaults, obviously) it appears that the top guys are underpriced. Made a few outright bets on bet365.

I think Min Woo Lee will crush here

This is the biggest reason I subscribed to Scratch Plus. I have a feeling I will be very happy with my decision.

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FYI, the Singapore International has a set field of 127 and Round 1 Tee Times, but the field hasn’t been posted to Not sure what’s causing the delay.

Round 1 Draw

Ya, the issue is we need to match players with our database, preferably getting their dg_id (i.e. owgr) IDs as well.

Asian Tour was late with its field submission to the OWGR website so it looks like we’re out of luck with this one.

Would it be worth sending an email to the OWGR site and/or the Asian Tour site?

I did an emergency query on the Data Golf Rankings and that was enough to get me on:
Joohyung Kim +650
Shubhankar Sharma +2000
Wade Ormsby +2800

Joohyoung Kim looks legit. Are we looking at a future PGA Tour pro? His results remind me of Ryo Ishikawa circa 2008.

Much too late but the Asian Tour submitted the field list several hours after the tournament started.

I’ll shoot the owgr folks an email, nothing to lose.

So Bovada is offering odds on the Singapore Open after Round 1.
Any way to simulate these small events mid-tournament?
If it’s not set up, that’s OK and I’ll try to figure out how to do this manually

Also, is it possible to post the Singapore Open pre-tournament predictions (albeit a day late)? I can figure out a manual method to compute the mid-tournament odds if they’re up.

Sorry just saw this. We will add it.

It won’t really be possible to simulate mid-tournament, but we could add stuff that would make it easy (e.g. if we had a starting strokes column you could input R1 scores, and then simulate a 3-round event with cut after 1 round).

Thanks! The initial projection is the key, once I have them I can come up with approximate probabilities manually.

That could be used to simulate mid-tournament leader as well. Great idea!

Thanks for posting the odds on the smaller events, I think this could be the start of a lucrative venture

Ironically I lucked into a winner because the odds for the Asian Tour event was posted late. I picked Joohyung Kim, if I had seen the projections I would have missed out

Kim is a good player. Is his next move to Japan, Europe, or the PGA Tour? He’s too good to be playing in the Asian Tour (beyond this season). I’m sure the sponsors feel the same way too.

Hate I missed the boat somehow this week, but I am pumped for this going forward.


Nice hit on Sihwan Kim for a top 10 at the Singapore Open. Only other bet was outright/t10 on Paul Peterson.