Sub Tours: 1/20 - 1/23

This week’s schedule:
Australia - QLD PGA Championship
Asia/Japan - SMBC Singapore Open

Please publish the predictions even if the field submission list is late. They are still very useful for making adjusted odds in the middle of the tournament.

I emailed the OWGR website about the field list. Hopefully the fields will be posted after the tee times have been posted and before the event begins.

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Added the Champions Tour event and the Singapore Open. No value on Bet365 outrights for the former; no odds posted yet for the latter. We got the Singapore Open field from their website because we wanted to set things up for the Saudi International in a few weeks, but that won’t be a regular thing.


OWGR has not posted a field for the QLD PGA Championship but hopefully that will be posted by Wednesday morning.

Amazing projections for the SMBC Singapore Open. Is the tournament basically down to 6 players?

The OWGR field looks off for the ANZ event. Missing some of the top guys on the books, and has a bunch of players listed who are playing in one of Singapore/Bahamas events.

Someone needs to email the OWGR site, no excuses for not getting the right field list. They post the tee times 24 hours before the event start!
(i already emailed the site)