Sub Tours: 11/24 - 11/27

Sunshine Tour - Joburg Open
Australasian Tour - Australian PGA Championship

Hoping for a Sub Tours release on these two tournaments

Year winding down, Hero World Challenge next week? (Hoping for a Sub Tours release on International Series Indonesia as well)

We’ll be covering the Joburg fully, and the Australian PGA will be in the sub tours (we’ll get the field from the European Tour website).

Next week we’ll cover Hero and one of the European Tour events (with the other one relegated to Sub Tours).

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You will be able to simulate matchups in the H2H tool for Aussie PGA, but we won’t be updating during the tournament. Also, no course-specific adjustments for Joburg or Aussie PGA (both new courses, to us…).

When in doubt, bet on Cameron
I’m already on Smith and Davis in the Australian PGA this week
No Cameron Tringale or Cameron Young in the field though…

Too bad the Japan Golf Tour doesn’t publish their fields. Their field strength is not bad and they had several good players in the Dunlop Phoenix tournament last week

Update… I wouldn’t simulate Aussie PGA matchups in the custom h2h tool. The way that page works is if the selected players aren’t in one of the events we are fully covering, it defaults to a PGA Tour event (which assumes the cutline will fall around 0 true SG – clearly not a good assumption at the Aussie PGA).

The base DG model is showing a ton of value on the top guys in the each way market

Non-Australians tend to markedly underperform in this event, which I might attribute to the jetlag, where it is in the season and lack of local knowledge. Presumably that’s why there’s such massive EV on the European and PGA Tour players

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Yeah there are no country adjustments in the Sub Tours skill levels (the way there are in the Euro decompositions now).

Only quickly glanced at the probabilities vs. odds and took some Cam Davis to win.