Sub Tours: 2/24 - 2/27

This week’s tournaments:

Champions Tour: Cologuard Classic
Alps Tour: Ein Bay Open 2022
Nordic Golf League: GolfStar Winter Series II
Professional Golf Tour of India: Gujarat Open Golf Championship 2022 presented by Gujarat Tourism
Sunshine Tour: Jonsson Workwear Open
Asian Tour: Royal’s Cup 2022

I think the Champions Tour, Sunshine Tour, and the Asian Tour are the only events that have a shot of being offered by the books but we’ll see. I’ve been surprised before!


Some solid value available at bet365 for the CHA/AFR event.

Whats the EV Calculation for each way?

For example:

Woody Austin Win = 37
T5 = 7.4

B365 Woody Austin W = 36
EW T5 = 36/4 = 9.1

Win bet EV = -2.7%
EW T5 EV = 23%

Win + EW T5 at 36 = +20%?

Also do custom models account for DeadHeat Rules in their Top X/X predictions?

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You actually have to subtract 1 from Euro odds, then divide by 4, then add back 1. It doesn’t make much difference at super long odds, but does at mid to short odds.

So the T5 EV would be (1/7.4) * ((37-1)/4 + 1) - 1 = 35%.

And then for EW you have half the wager on the win bet and half on the finish bet, so it’s 0.5 * -2.7% + 0.5 * 35% = 16% per 1 unit bet.

And yes custom models account for dead-heat rules, should add that to the page in the notes.

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Thats fantastic thank you!

@matt_courchene @will_courchene

Can we get odds for these events (CHA/AFR) from API right now or just the ones we have available from the Scratch Tools?

Asian Tour STILL hasn’t published a field list, LOL
They’ve already finished the first round

Someone tell Greg Norman and LIV investment to take some of the money and build a better website. Publishing field list to OWGR would help too

In the meantime I’ll just bet Joohyung Kim and Sadom Kaewkanjana to win every week and take my chances

They are by far the class of the Asian Tour!

Was the champions tour added? I dont see it

Yeah, it has been posted on the sub tours custom page for a few days.

Sorry - is there a link? If I do the custom match up tool and put in champions tour players, will that take into account the course or is that a match up at a neutral/average venue?

Custom model sub tours is here.

If you use the h2h tool for these sub tours it assumes an average PGA Tour course and 4 rounds w/ typical PGA Tour cut. So not necessarily suitable for Champions Tour. Will try to change that – if we do, the note will reflect that on the bottom of the page.

Red Sea Little Venice Open ?