Sub Tours: 3/31 - 4/3

PGA Tour Latinoamerica - 90 Abierto del Centro memorial Eduardo Gato Romero ptdo por Telecom
Korn Ferry Tour - Club Car Championship at The Landings Club
Professional Golf Tour of India - Gurugram Challenge 2022 Tata Steel PGT-ADT hosted by Classic Golf & Country Club
Challenge Tour - Limpopo Championship
Japan Golf Tour - Token Homemate Cup 2022
Champions Tour - Rapiscan Systems Classic

Interest test coming up with the Japan Golf Tour. Fingers crossed!

Quick question for matt or will:

How are the SG predictions derived on the sub tours page? I can’t imagine you’re doing course fit or anything for these tours, correct? Are you just taking basically each players true SG # and then simulating from there?


No course-specific adjustments, correct. So the predictions are just the sum of the first 4 columns on the skill decomposition page.

Thanks Matt!

Is there a skill decompositon page for non-PGA events? On that link I only see players in the Valero field. Would be cool to see the decomposition of say, Bernhard Langer.

Thanks again!

There aren’t for non-PGA/Euro/Opposite PGA events. Agree it would be a decent addition, but remember that for non-PGA/Euro players a lot of the adjustments we do aren’t possible (e.g. strokes-gained category adjustments are unimportant for guys who don’t play Shotlink events).

Yeah absolutely. Was more or less just curious what adjustments you ARE doing off a player like Langer’s true SG baseline without including SG categories, course history etc.)