Sub Tours: 6/2-6/5

Big week in the world of golf.

Champions Tour: Principal Charity Classic
Challenge Tour: D+D REAL Czech Challenge
Asian Tour: International Series England
Korean Tour: SK Telecom Open 2022
Sunshine Tour: SunBet Challenge hosted by Sun City
EuroPro Tour: The Ignis Management Championship
Nordic Golf League: Thisted Forsikring Championship
PGA Tour Latinoamerica: Volvo Golf Championship by Seguros del Estado

Special request for this week, would love to see a Sub Tour page for International Series England

Better field than the first International Series tournament and I fully expect to see DP World Tour strength fields in future International Series events

We will add the International Series England to the subtours page by afternoon today. Will be interesting to see if any books cover it.

What do you think of the first LIV field?

It’s the second International Series event, the field is definitely stronger than International Series Thailand and pretty close to a DP World Tour event

If the goal is to pick off a few South African and Australasian pros ranked in the Top 200 as well as a few others who have experience playing overseas I think they will be successful

Next year we may see $4M purses for the International Series events which will undoubtedly attract many players in the Top 100 in the World Rankings, especially if it’s understood that participation in these events gets you an insider track into getting invitations to the Invitational Series events

For all the missteps, the LIV Tour is doing a lot of things right. They’re firing so many bullets that some of them are bound to hit

As for the Invitational Series event, the field isn’t finalized and there may be a few withdrawals, but it will be very very difficult for a player ranked 350 in the world to win. I will be rooting for an upset though

Let’s see if the PGA Tour hands Dustin Johnson a lifetime ban, LOL
Will he get blackballed from all the majors too?

Disappointed that International Series England was not covered by the books. The first tournament was covered by Bovada and was hoping that this one would be offered as well.

I guess the books can only cover so much, hoping for better in the future.

Dead certain that Invitational Series will be covered though. BetOnline has odds out already. It’s the biggest news in golf right now.

They really need to bump up the prize pool for the International Series next season. If they double it to $4M and include a $10M Tour Championship I think they grab a big fraction of the best DP World Tour players based in South Africa and Australiasia. Maybe a few more if it’s implicitly understood that participation in the International Series gives you an inside lane into getting into the Invitational Series fields.

10 International Series events + 8 Invitational Series events = full schedule. It makes too much sense for DP World Tour level players who live closer to Asia than Europe.

BetOnline is listing Peter Uihlein at +15000. A few other horrible lines up there as well.

I initially thought this must be a very favourable price because of the players listed above Uihlein on the odds list (e.g. Chase Koepka, James Piot – guys who Uihlein is miles better than). But maybe there is enough juice in these odds that this won’t be that +EV. The implied probability is 0.7%… sadly I still can’t accurately say where Uihlein will be without simulating the event, but I think he’ll be well above 1% with the small field size and only playing 54 holes (which hurts the top guys, obviously).