Suggestions for Tournament Props

I enjoy the lower right hand side of the Tournament Props where you can group the players by nationality. Would it be possible to include the following regional categories?

  • Top European
  • Top Continental European (Europe minus Great Britain & Ireland)
  • Top Great Britain & Ireland (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Ireland)
  • Top Asian
  • Top Rest of the World (World minus Europe minus United States)

The reason for this is that these props are often used by books, but include multiple countries.

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This is also highest on my request list

Yes, quite a few have requested this. Are they always consistent in how they classify these regions Obviously most are straightforward, but we always need to cover edge cases when trying to automate something. Like the rare Russian golfer… where are they included?

Not really an issue, sometimes now bookmakers don’t have players listed in the market. In your specific example, Russia is in Europe and no one would argue any differently.

Within the last few weeks Power was an alternate for the PGA Tour event, and when he got in he wasn’t added to a few books in the top GB+Ire market by the time the tournament began.

This week there was a bookie which inexplicably didn’t have Schmid in the top German market.

Couldn’t you make some sort of system where people could preload the market for the top players from a region, and then remove or add players depending on what their bookmaker says?

I’m thinking for example the top Australian market this week, and then being able to add Ryan Fox to the list so that within ten seconds you’ve got the top Australasian market.

I like this train of thought. Not sure if it is possible but you guys seems to be programming/coding geniuses. Basically in the “find a player” drop down just add the lists mentioned: all euro, all cont. euro, all British, etc

Your list will be close enough to make the process WAY less time consuming. If a particular book (or a particular field) has a unique circumstance we can edit as needed from there.

Yes, I like this idea too. Now that the golf season is winding down, we’ll have more time to revisit all of these suggestions.