The Match - 7 (Woods, McIlroy Vs Spieth, Thomas)

Woods and McIlroy Vs Spieth and JT

B365 have Spieth and JT as the underdogs right now at 2.00. Is this the easiest bet of the century?

Rory is better than JT, and Tiger is better than Spieth by a mile-- Spieth stinks!

Is it alternate shot?

For the Match, it’s usually everybody takes a tee shot, and then they pick the best one from the team and play alternate shot from there.

It’s only going to be 12 holes, and I think Tiger may use a cart in what’s going to be a very light-hearted atmosphere.

I guess if Rory is able to hit every tee shot B365 is figuring Tiger can hit some decent wedges in from there.

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I love Tiger as much an anyone but saying he’s better than Spieth right now is ludicrous.

12 holes tightens it up a bit for sure.

Spieth is kind of better in every category. Can’t imagine they will take it super seriously but, knowing Tiger he definitely will and Rory won’t want to half ass it in front of God himself Tiger Woods.

My money is clearly on Rory/Tiger here. It is Rory vs JT off the tee, and then you have the greatest golfer of all time and the PGA tour warrior prince against two guys who would rather be watching college football.

Yeah I don’t really understand how the odds are in Rory/Tiger’s favour. Tiger is maybe at the level of an average PGA Tour player right now (and that could be generous). His level could be higher playing 12 holes with a cart (his performances this year got progressively worse as the tournaments progressed).

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Only way to find is to run a couple simulations. With DGs hot run I’m sure we’ll get the absolute answer that way :wink:

It’s an exhibition

After seeing tanking in 4 PGA Tour events in the past 2 months anything goes, especially in an exhibition

True, its basically a LIV event.

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My 3 rules for betting on golf are:

  1. Listen to the Courchene brothers
  2. Never bet against Tiger
  3. Always bet against Jordan Spieth

I understand there may be some tension between rule 1 and rules 2 and 3 in this instance, but I feel like I need to follow my heart. If it makes everyone feel any better I will size down to .75 Kelly.


Maybe he’s gotten better physically since the British Open, you never know
Tiger at the Masters did look like an average PGA Tour player for 36 holes
Tiger at the British Open looked worse than John Daly
If I had to guess I’d say he’d play like an average Korn Ferry Tour player for 12 holes, maybe he’d be 50:50 against Wesley Bryan and Matt Atkins from the Bryan Bros. channel
But if the other guys don’t try and it’s an easy golf course then it’s anyone’s guess

Back of the envelope calculations gives me Spieth/Thomas 54%, assuming they play on an easy golf course and some kind of better ball/scramble format

That definitely reduces the skill gap

To get really big value you really need alternate shot over 18 holes or stroke play for all 4 golfers, all scores count

Someone made a lot of money (not me though)
Well done

Made a little but the sentiment here put me off from betting the barn!