Tiger @ Genesis

Even in 2023, always interesting to see how the betting market behaves around Tiger. I’m curious if anyone has some color to provide on his scratch predictions this week - given his lack of recent data points it’s hard to take them at face value. That being said, pretty shocked to see him attempt a non-major (even his own tournament) so have to think he’s feeling better physically at least for now.

Over the weekend I saw some shops as long as +250 on him to make the cut, and still some 200s out there now. Anyone biting on this market for more than just nostalgia?

Tiger always says he only competes if he feels like he can win. So him playing gives me some confidence that he’s feeling better physically. That being said it wasn’t long ago he played that 2v2 9 holes and looked terrible. If Richard Bland can make cuts at almost 50 then I think the best golfer to ever live can probably do it as well. At 2.50 its pretty hard not to take that.


As always it depends on Tiger’s physical condition and he did make 2 cuts last year
If he feels OK in round 1 and can somehow drag his body around in round 2 I like his chances
It’s not always about age. I would certainly take Harrington in a matchup against Tiger Woods at -110
I bet Tiger to make the cut at +180 and I’ll just live with it, regardless of result
The bet I really wish I could make is to bet on him to not finish in the Top 20 at -500 (dead heat rules apply)

365 have a super boost for him to make the cut at 3.0. I’ve put a small amount on.

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I personally would pass on his to make the cut odds, but I don’t hate it. I think we’ll continue to see the trend of Tiger making the cut in some events and then fading on the weekend. I like the overs on his Saturday/Sunday round scores if he does make the cut.

I think 3.0 to make the cut is pretty big +EV. The interesting thing about Tiger recently is his short game has been awful.

And as said above, the fact that he’s decided to play is a good sign.

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How about Tiger! What an awesome way to spend Thursday afternoon!


I bet o70.5 strokes on Tiger today at -220, if he goes under that I’m pretty sure he makes the cut

I think he shoots 75 and misses the cut by 2, if that happens oh well

74 for Tiger and looks like the course conditions are easier in the afternoon, likely a missed cut

Looks like the wave split got him, guys, it happens

Still a chance the cut line moves to +1 so let’s not give up quite yet

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This aged poorly Daniel


I don’t think I posted any losing bets on this thread

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I need my Euro guys to pop off tonight, I’ve always believed in you Yanick Paul!

Edit: Robbie MacIntyre might be the least athletic looking man in golf.

If I had to sum up Tiger @ Genesis I would say it was a pretty good performance overall, better than most people and books expected for sure.

Day 4 walking up those stairs after the round he was not really limping visibly. 3rd round was one of the lower ones for the day which is very impressive, his distance was pretty impressive as well. Some comments from one of the guys who played with him in round 3 ‘He can definitely win another Major still’.

I don’t think he’s going to keep up with Rahm, Mcilroy, Scheffler just yet, but if there is one thing I know about Tiger is he consistently proves everyone wrong and does what everyone think cannot be done.

Watching him play now is always such a treat from a fan perspective. The PGA Tour product has actually improved leaps and bounds this year with the elevated events, guess we have Mickelson to thank for that…


This maybe a hot take, but I make it <1% chance he ever competes with those guys again.


Minor comment on the elevated events thing: I think people are forgetting that this part of the West Coast swing has always been awesome. I don’t know how much the elevated events will help, whether you have 10 top players or 20, does it really matter? For example, Will Z didn’t play at the Phoenix Open, and I had no idea that was the case until I noticed it on his player profile page this week.

I’m just praying they don’t make these events limited field, no-cut events next year.


“Minor comment on the elevated events thing: I think people are forgetting that this part of the West Coast swing has always been awesome.”

Absolutely. The WM and the Genesis have been two amazing events that have delivered back to back for a while now.

“I don’t know how much the elevated events will help, whether you have 10 top players or 20, does it really matter?”

I think it matters that Rory is playing the WM instead of chilling on his couch in Jupiter, but i certainly think it is really the top 5-10 big dogs that matter a lot more than numbers 11-20. The 20 million bucks does give the whole thing a little more pop for me as well, now that the four-footers these guys are standing over actually affect their checkbooks as much as they affect mine…

“I’m just praying they don’t make these events limited field, no-cut events next year.”

This would be terrible-- they cannot let this happen. If you want to play 4 days, put the ball in the hole!! That’s what TW did 142 times in a row!! My statement to players complaining about the cut: If you are complaining about a cut, you aren’t good enough to complain about a cut!! GTFO!

Personally, I would like to see two cuts: 1 after 36 holes, and one after 54 (down to like 20 or 30 players or whatever, with a big bump in pay for the last one. 250k minimum or something. Really the best solution would be, if you are a top 25 guy in the OWGR and you MC, you get fined 250k and that gets used to pay the purse but I know this won’t happen.

The justification for a no-cut event is so dumb/insane!! They says it really helps the “product” to have the stars around on the weekend. Oh yeah? Well why is it then that every Sunday you only see the shots hit by 4 players max? What is the point of having guys around if they have no chance to win, and you wont even show them on the broadcast!! SMH

Another thing about this tournament that is good and solves the no-cut issue from the standpoint of the players-- it isn’t in some crappy office park in Florida or rural Texas or something. If you MC, you can go get brunch at Carbone and hit Nobu for dinner! Bring the Barclays and BMW back so when these guys MC they can hit the town instead of complaining!

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Scheffler MC’d at Southern Hills and Tiger made the cut on one leg. There is your 1 percent!

I disagree strongly with limited field complaints, it’s absurd they can’t get through play on time, there are way too many people in the field. A 50 man field with a cut to 30 on Friday and 20 Saturday is what they should be going for, with the B event (Honda?) happening this week with a totally different group of players trying to earn their way up to A pool at reshuffle after 5 tournaments

At this point with the betting opportunities drying up I guess the field sizes don’t matter as much anymore

If they have a 50 man field just go to shotgun. Get the round over with in 5 hours

I gave Tiger a <1% chance of finishing in the Top 5 before the Genesis tournament

Never threatened but I think his chances are a bit higher than that his next start

I would still bet on him to miss the cut at the Masters if I got like +150 but yeah, he played much better than I expected