Timing for The Open

Any idea on timing for this weeks model release?

I just saw that Fan Duel has released Top 5-10-20-30-40 lines and a lot of country props.

(I guess I’ve become a crack addict because I’m going to have trouble sleeping tonight knowing there are bets to make but I don’t have my DG crack available yet!)

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Haha, we will post things for the Open by 9am EST. I’ll be tweaking things late into the night here on the West Coast… I hate major weeks.


Thanks for all the work you guys do. I look forward to buying drinks at the 2023 Data Golf World Conference.


Hi, any update on expected time?


Updating now.

Unfortunately Fanduel did a site upgrade this week it looks like and is very different from a scraping standpoint. Their odds won’t be in our initial update, hopefully we can have them up later today but no promises.


Hi matt,

The player decomposition CSV only has Rahm in it?


Great to see predictions up. Detry or Min Woo Lee do not seem to be in the field for the predictions though.

Ok. Do you have an updated field list you are using? I know they are in… but just wasn’t reflected on our sources as of an hour or so ago.

Love seeing brooks at such low odds

Thank you for not scraping the FanDuel odds, it gives me a better chance of winning the race (I did lose a couple of picks, but not too many)

Looking forward to the Prop Tool so I can lock in my second round of wagers!

Yes, hopefully soon for prop tool… things never go smooth on Monday mornings of majors.

Thanks Matt and Will for all your hard work, really appreciate it.

Hope everyone acted quick this morning, all the lines shifted pretty quickly :slight_smile: