Top 30/40 Betting Odds

A lot of sportsbooks now offer odds on players finishing in the top 30 or top 40, in addition to the traditional top 5, top 10, top 20 markets.

Would it be possible to add top 30 and top 40 odds for each player to the Outright Betting Tool page? I’m imagining the underlying math is already in place to make this happen.

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Actually please don’t do that since the Outright Betting Page is very very highly correlated with the value disappearing from these markets within 2 minutes of posting.

Just yesterday the DraftKings win and place markets were taken down within minutes (seconds?) of posting the Outright Betting Page. It came back 15 minutes later with most of the value gone.

I was in the middle of making the place market wager bets when that happened (I did not get the wagers in).

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That’s a great point - I noticed similar activity yesterday mid-day - I did get a couple of the peak values in but also missed a lot of them by a few minutes, several in which I had in my bet slip when they moved.

From what I’ve briefly gathered, I don’t think there will be much value to be found in the top 40 markets, but some of the top 30 prices from last week and this week appear to be in line with the value distribution offered in the top 5/10/20 markets, which would be appealing for a lot of the long shots that the site often favors.

Not sure if there’s a perfect solution to keep the books off the site, but if they’re hounding the site anyway, might as well have top 30 & top 40 included as well on the outright page for user convenience and ease, rather than messing with the finish tool on the pre-tourney predictions page and crossing over the associated odds off the books.

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I think the perfect solution (if any) would be to refrain from posting on the outright page until Tuesday to give the subscribers a longer window. It makes things more difficult for the books too so I have a better chance of getting the bets in.

Same thing happens for matchups and 3-balls too.

User convenience and ease is great but unfortunately the way things are, we only see the bad news.