Tour Championship

Can we have markets for both with starting strokes and without this week please?



Our probabilities are up with and without starting strokes. It’s bit difficult to pull odds because the books are all over the place, but finish tool might be updated later today.

Where can we find the probabilities without starting strokes? Thanks.

It is being treated as the opposite event: finish probabilities, custom h2h. There are no Scratch Tools for the no-starting-strokes however.

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Hi Matt, maybe I’m missing something. But when I click on your custom h2h link and I run two guys for the event, I think it’s still including starting strokes? Is there supposed to be a h2h tool with no starting strokes? Thanks

Hi Dave, we have put the no-starting-strokes simulations underneath the ‘opposite’ field heading. So you can either use the event dropdown on the top left and select the OPP event, or just use the player dropdowns and find players with ‘no_strokes’ in their name (e.g. Cantlay_no_strokes, Patrick). Actually even if you select the OPP event you still need to use the player dropdown, it just restricts the player set to that event.

Doh! Thanks, I see it now

How come your not betting the without handicap market on betting results thanks

Laziness, and these would essentially just be duplicate bets most cases. Not that we normally shy away from strongly correlated bets…

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