Travel Distance Adjustment

@matt_courchene @will_courchene I’m wondering if travel distance is incorporated into the model? As an example Corey Conners vs Poulter. Conners is traveling back from Japan whereas Poulter is not. This could have a significant impact on his performance, and I’m wondering if that’s factored in here. Thanks!

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Not factored in, but agree could be something to think about!


Maybe transcontinental travel is something worth looking into in the December “offseason”? I’d be curious to see what players adapt better as well, if there’s a large enough sample size.

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I think it’s best to just avoid those matchups if you feel travel could be a factor. Too hard to predict… some guys it may not impact them at all, others may mail it in this week. We don’t know how well these guys slept on the plane… lol

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68.20 = R2 scoring → @WGCFedEx

68.21 = R2 scoring → 19 Olympians (LOW: 62!, Ancer & Smith; HIGH: 73, Schauffele, but → 🥇 forever)

• The message is clear. Travel has not impacted scoring negatively, so I'm not gonna tweet the same averages for R3 and R4. Enjoy your weekend.

— Rob Bolton (@RobBoltonGolf) August 6, 2021

Apologies if not coming through correctly. No difference in scoring in first two rounds between those who were in Olympics and those who weren’t.

Although for completeness, probably should be normalised against an expected performance for the two cohorts. If the Olympians were expected to perform better (or worse) then the fact that they performed exactly the same could be under or over performance.


Time to incorporate publicly available whoop data into the model lmao


I just got a whoop last week. Pretty slick