True Strokes Gained Question

Hello, I"m fairly new here so its probably just not me understanding the equations fully but it was my understanding that True Strokes gained is SG PUTT + SG APP + SG OTT+ SG ARG. I have been using this True Strokes Gaines Query tool and have noticed that some players when you add up those categories their Total SGs are way off from what the math says, more than just a decimal issue. One in particular I’m looking at is Piercen Coody. To me he should have a -.11 Total Strokes gained not a -1.1. I have found others with a higher variance as well, just interested on what is playing into this.

@will_courchene @matt_courchene

Yes, you’re correct that they should add up. The reason they don’t in some cases is that not all rounds have Shotlink (which is required to get the SG categories). In the table you’ve shown the Shotlink rounds are indicated in blue in the “Rounds” column.