Update Sportsbooks for Odds Comps

@will_courchene @matt_courchene Would it be possible to update the list of sportsbooks you list for odds comparisons? Its frustrating to manually have to sort through matchups, outrights, etc on books like BetRivers and ESPN Bet.


it’s way more frustrating to see great odds get smashed and changed in 2 minutes cause too many people hammer them.
my most profitable books are the ones I sim matchups manually.

It’s not like it takes hours either …it takes less than 10 minutes to sim all the matchups from a book.

Also, most books have ‘‘mirrors’’, so your ESPN might have the same odds as another book.


I will say I’ve slowly come around to this view. Adding more books is a time saver but I bet it decreases group ROI. Books see the green and immediately adjust, before they can really be hit in some cases.


any chance y’all could add in play each ways BetFair skybox bet365 all do it

Just use Unibet for BetRivers odds.