US Open Brookline

Brooklyn hasn’t been used for a long time. Obviously no actual course stats to use to make adjustments to Course fit etc.

Will adjustments to baseline be made based on expected course fit? previous US Open course fit? or just use baseline numbers as with no course data to fall back on its all a bit guessy?


Time to bet Rory at any price?

He has the extra gear that no other player has

If he’s on they’re playing for second

I’m happy with Lowry @52/1

Rare with back to back wins including a major though? Or?

Meaning it costs mentally to win. Atleast a few percent odds wise. That’s my feeling anyway.

Well I’ve seen Rory get on a roll before, he’s just a different beast

He’s the kind of guy that can buck the trend

Where was he 52/1 at? Wow

Pinnacle like 3 weeks ago. Also Homa 98 to 1 like a week ago. Took a few stabs on both so any value gone right away.

Feels like this golf course should fit Lowry just perfect. And that he’s matured since US Open in 2016 when he led comfortably (well, as comfy as it can be…) after 3 rounds but couldn’t pull it off. He has what it takes for sure.

If you’re trying to win a Callaway driver, is it Schauffele, Rahm, or Burns? Schauffele performs well in US Opens, Rahm is the odds favorite, but Burns is peaking right now. My gut says Burns, but I’m waiting for the data to come out and confirm.

Will Data Golf be posting the US Open in the Sub Tours section? I’d like to simulate 18 hole projections

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