Valero - kudos to DG

No doubt that ending was just about ideal for many of us here. Kudos all around, especially to @matt_courchene and @will_courchene


Ya, might be biggest week ever for DG.

Not sure if anyone bet the Challenge Tour event (@DanielSong39 ?), but one of the top +EV guys won that event too!

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I did. I forgot to mention that as well. Valero matchups didn’t even really go our way and still had the biggest win in dollars and units ever. Excellent!

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Where were you able to bet that event? Bet365 has everything, which we can bet (smallish amounts), is that where you bet it too?

I’m still able to bet a very limited amount at Bovada, and they usually offer the extra events. It seems like it only takes one hit with them and you get limited, so this might be the last chance for me if/until I get a beard.

Yeah cleaned up on JJ… Wish I had been paying more attention this weekend!

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Players and Valero two best weeks for me

Koepka major bump ? For this week ?

I bet the Challenge Tour and it looks like a nice hit at +25000
(I only bet $1 though)

Hopefully I can survive a bit longer before I get limited, most of my bets are small anyway (<$100) so maybe they’ll let me keep going a while longer

Very good week for me in golf but actually not a record breaker as I whiffed almost completely on the Top 30 and Top 40 bets, cut bets, and tournament matchups. A solid above average week but nothing close to a record.

Speaking of major bumps…

Unfortunately Dylan Frittelli is not in the field this week, the T5/T10/T20 prices would have been quite juicy

I guess Patrick Cantlay has been docked, dude has been a no-show in the big events as of late (no Top 10’s in a Major, Players Championship, or WGC since 2019)

Did win the FedEx cup though.