Wave bumps: Fantasy vs. Live/PreTourney Proj

This may be covered somewhere else, and I’m almost embarrassed to ask after 2 years of being a member. TODAY I just noticed on the Fantasy projections where is says the wave projection (1.2 points for morning tomorrow, for example) is NOT included in the optimizer.
So if you want to follow the projected bumps, you used the wave bump tool to add the 1.2 points and then use the optimizer? I guess I just assumed all along it was factored into the projections.
As far as the finishing positions projections (live and pre-tourney), those bumps are built in? Or do those need to be manually adjusted, too?
I know I should have known this already, but thank you for clarification anyone can provide!

Yeah, you have it correct. Bumps are all built into anything that can’t be edited by users (so pre-tournament predictions, live model, matchups, etc). For fantasy projections the wave bump is not included, and we set the default wave bump to zero points. So as you said, to follow our projection you would input the 1.2 points as your wave bump setting.

For the custom model we set the default wave projections to our projected splits. Maybe we should have done that with fantasy, as you are certainly not the first person to ask about this… I’m not sure whether we had a good reason. But now it’s kind of just inertia.

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Thank you man. I can’t believe I never noticed this! Thank you so much for your quick response as always. I’m almost scared to adjust, the default fantasy stuff (DraftKings at least) has been really good this year. haha.