Why does DG love Lopez-Chacarra?

And when will his numbers trend toward normal!
Now that I say this, I’m sure he’ll win because I’m avoiding his massive EV

Because the guy is a really good player.

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They’re all really good players. He has yet to come close to performing to the DG numbers (compared to the books’ prices – there appears to be off-the-charts value but there hasn’t been any). Clearly the am numbers probably skew too positive considering there is just a handful of pro starts

Yeah, I agree the value has seemed a bit fishy. But, he’s a longshot, so assuming you are betting outrights / t5s you can’t expect to realize that value in 3 weeks, necessarily. If you look at Lopez’s profile and his LIV performances, he has underperformed our expectation slightly (around 0 to -0.2, I believe), but nothing too crazy.


No doubt it doesn’t make sense to play full EV with such little pro data and I need to enjoy the big overlays. Once he fires as expected, that value with the books will certainly disappear!

My theory is because his OTT shots gained figure is so high for the low number of shotlink rounds he has. Given that he is unlikely to play shotlink rounds in the near future, is there a danger that he is being characterised as being a close to elite driver of the ball on a small sample size?


Fingers crossed! Hoping Lopez-Chacarra and Puig start firing soon. Would be a big boon to LIV (and the International Series)

Even if they don’t win in the remaining LIV events they might have a better chance in the two International Series events in Africa

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Oh wow

This would be a HUGE win if he holds on tomorrow

I give him a 58% shot

If he wins he’ll be like a 20-1 shot next time out (LOL)

Fireballs might go off at +400 in the Team Competition too

This is why! And the fact that he hasn’t sniffed yet drove the odds higher while DG still was high on him. Even sweeter in the end. The T10 is even huge!

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Every coach I have had: “trust the process!”
Cheers, DK. This has to be one of the biggest hits of all-time.


what a win! i have a new favorite golfer. thanks DG!

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