Winner without…

Wondering if the markets that are “winner without Niemann and young” have any value? Not sure how many books have this available but on DK hovland is +200, the way I’m calculating it, that is showing any edge based off of DG numbers, but I could be very very wrong. Thanks for any feedback

I went to Tournament Props and put in all the players DK had, Hovland was a good play at +200
I hope you bet it!

(Then JT’ll probably fire a 66, LOL)

Good to hear, that’s basically what I did all the way back to spieth and Rory, think it showed like 35%-38% But can’t remember. I did bet it thanks for the confirmation, I’m not totally off on this golf thing ha

How did you simulate it without Niemann?

I just went to the prop calculator and added like 10-15 guys not counting niemann and young and said “rest of tournament” came back with 35%-38% for hovland but I can’t remember what exactly. Prob can re run it now as it doesn’t update mid round.