Wyndham probability factors? Drama set for EARLY Saturday

Since the cutline probability of 2-under is 81 percent, I’m guessing the live model does not factor in the fact Gotterup is already guaranteed to make at least a bogey? Smotherman will have an 11-footer for birdie to push the number back to -2.
Long story short, live model is score-based only?
Not complaining, just looking for clarity! Don’t want to assume.
A LOT riding on the first 15 minutes of play early Saturday morning.

We are only updating after each hole is finished, yes.

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Thank you sir. A crazy amount of implications riding on Austin Smotherman. Not something I figured I’d type this week.

Fycking joke. Had Tarren, Svensson, Rose to miss the cut. As well as Gotterup. Why couldn’t you sink that putt, Smotherman? Would have secured you more money as well.


What I hate is bringing 22 other guys (none are mine) into the Top 20 race. That sucks.


Ya that -1 cut really hurt. 3-4 MC bets went from win to lose, plus Rosie came back to beat Harman.

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No doubt … that was the big blow I was afraid of. Some bad luck there. But, for me, Euro T20s led the way to another profitable week despite a donut at the Wyndham!