2024 Masters Tournament

I personally like that 10 shot rule but it isn’t a huge deal. Only rare occurrence’s where a player separates and scores are bunched underneath him.

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Right now it looks like precipitation will end around noon tomorrow, but there will be about an inch of rain which isn’t ideal. I assume Augusta can handle that though.

Then it will depend on when the thundershowers leave the area. My best guess right now is we get an afternoon start, and the PM/AM starters play the majority of their 36 holes on Friday, while the AM/PM starters mostly play 18 Thursday and 18 Saturday.


Really??? I could’ve sworn it was still there last year, but ah well :blush:

If it plays out like this, the guys with late R1 tee times could be good first round leader bets. Starting their rounds late tomorrow evening and primarily playing Friday AM in less windy conditions.

less mudballs Friday morning too

Oh Bryson baby. Just keep going.

Tough scene for the Masters site/app so far. I’ve never been a fan despite all the hype it gets… but it’s really buggy so far this year.



(also why is the message board telling me the body of what I am writing seems unclear, and is it a complete sentence?)

Usually I watch 4 feeds and go full screen and this year, the leaderboard ribbon at the top of the screen is blocking the top two streams. It is ridiculous.

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I’ve got TSN for curling purposes, and see that they’ve got quite the masters coverage. What do you think of their announcers? The amount of commercial breaks seems tolerable atleast.

Got both Swedish and Sky but don’t like the announcers of neither. I absolutely can’t stand Paul McGinley, and Andrew Coltart is just annoying for some reason I can’t figure out.

Haha, curling!?! Is that big in Norway, or just a niche sport you bet on? Canadians love their curling.

TSN is just picking up the main Masters feeds, I don’t like many of them. Shane Bacon annoys me most of the time but he’s fine for play by play; Mark Immelman I can’t stand, one of the most annoying announcers ever; Colt Knost is pretty good. Overall it’s pretty bad I’d say.

edit: *Sweden, apologies. Grouping the Scandinavians together, lol.

Haha, yup, I watch and bet on it, and can’t see the Brier or Scotties anywhere else :stuck_out_tongue: I’m Swedish though, same same but different :smiley: (lol, no worries, saw your edit, and I know you have a lot of norwegian subscribers).

Yeah, ok. Oh well, can’t be worse than McGinley. Immelman I’ve heard before and he’s terrible but McGinley is out of reach.

edit; I think it’s a sports fans specilalty to find fawlts in announcers though. It just comes so easy. Or it is because most of them actually sucks. Too many of them try to put them selves in centre of attention with ridiculous punchlines and manic needs to be witty with boring remarks of someones shirt or whatever.

I was an enormous fan of the Masters app/site about 5 years ago and it’s been good but lost its edge recently but truly terrible this year. My Group hasn’t worked at all, weird lags in scoring. really disappointing stuff

the actual feeds feature a lot of talking and agree lots of kind of hacky commentary. Bacon on pods is painful, was actually pretty solid on the broadcast but overall Masters has lost that sort of immaculate aura

Betting on people you hate (e.g. Bryson) is a good way to hedge. Won’t feel that horrible if he wins now.


I also have him, but actually sort of like him. he seems kind of like a loser in many ways but I think he is one of the most entertaining guys in pro golf. what he does on YouTube alone is probably one of the best things to grow the game to younger audience

I have win, place, top american, top LIV, group bet, matchups. But not round leader, of course. Fucking annoying.

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Pre-LIV, I used to kind of like Bryson at times. But he’s become such a clown with the LIV stuff with much of what he says. Agree his Youtube channel is pretty good, I haven’t watched too much of it though.

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the one in person golf event I have ever been to, he was talking to Paul Casey about how he keeps an altimeter in his bag and how he uses it. possibly sowing the seeds for the Crushers in 2017

Scheffler just feels inevitable. got some luck for a 2-3 stroke swing on 12/13 and it feels like my Bryson bet just died

Sorry if this has already been answered! Is there a way to download the shot-by-shot data for every golfer at the end of each round? i.e. every golfers score on every hole.