API Live Page not updating

Hello, the API Live tournament is still pointing to the Genesis Scottish Open.
When should it switch to The Open?


see the note on top of page.

I did not see the note. It has updated now, but the competition is on the go now, and the last update was 14 hours ago.

When does it update?
This is for the API Live tournament page.
This is what I am looking at:

Thanks for any info.

Yeah it will update sporadically throughout this tournament. It’s always tricky with the majors getting data, and this week they are doing things completely different than last year. It’s actually a bit of a miracle we can even get the shot data this week.

If you only need scores live, use the live model endpoint as that will always update every 5 minutes.

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I thought it was completely different than last year, but couldn’t remember.

I’m not complaining considering as recently as two years ago there wasn’t any shot tracker at all.

Yeah it is completely different this year. IMG Arena is doing it for them (they also do the tracking for any bookmakers that offer it… e.g. 365, MGM).

The Open site actually has some interesting stats on their player cards, like top 5 shots in the round in terms of SG. And lots of detailed hole info. But I feel like it’s not presented that well… still feel a bit lost clicking through it.