Best individual DG rounds

I know under each player’s profile you can see the each individual round they’ve played according to DG and easily tell which are the “best” rounds they’ve played. Is there somewhere on here that has a combined list of “best rounds?”

There is this page: SG Distributions

Thank you so much!! awesome stuff.

Will LIV be added there? Wanted to see Bryson

LIV is included in the overall data, there just hasn’t been a round in the top 200 yet on LIV. We could add a separate tab for LIV though; honestly just kind of waiting to see what happens with it. Not much point making a big effort on LIV-specific stuff if they aren’t going to be around past this year.

According to Bryson’s profile … the final round at Greenbrier was 8.7 strokes gained … the cutoff for Top 200 is 8.99.
Bryson’s 60 at the 2021 BMW Championship is listed as the 9th best overall (10.9 SG).
There is only one round from this year (a DPWT round) listed in the top 120 since this began in 2004.

Interesting, hadn’t noticed that. There haven’t been any incredible SG rounds this year. A lot of the outlier rounds come with big weather splits or in small fields – so the next 3 weeks might be a good chance for one to happen.

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