Bet Tracker - Beta Testing

Yeah, summary bar seems sufficient and I appreciate a clean look so maybe the best option. But would be nice to be able to choose seperate totals for match ups/outright/prop as well. Thought about some sort of toggle bar for date preferences as wel, or something like that, but dont’t seem as important. Easy enough to get a weekly total just by coosing by event(s).

Think I Found a bug. The Doc Redman 3-Ball was auto-graded as a void, as it should have been. However, my book graded it as a loss. For tracking purposes, I would like to manually grade it as a loss, but when I try to override the void with a loss, it just remains as a void.

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Thanks, should be fixed now.

Loving this feature.

Minor bug - Daniel Chopra is not showing in the selectable golfers for the 3M when I try to add a manual bet.


I can’t seem to download a csv of my bets today for some reason. I could yesterday. Maybe user error but I can download csvs of the scratch tools.

Okay I’ll work on the download today - it was a mess yesterday too even though it was technically “working”. Also the Chopra issue should be fixed, just didn’t update the underlying field list file after some WDs

Thanks Will. I don’t expect same day fixes! Just conscious it is a Beta feature so pointing out bugs as I see them. Much appreciated.

Download should be working better now - added a few more columns too. Ideally you can download this at the end of each week and append it to a running file.

Will you be able to keep a running total on the site or is it just a week by week tracker?

For now it’s just week by week. Depending on how this goes we can eventually start saving stuff for each user so they can look back on previous weeks.


This is terrific. Can’t wait to use it!


It says I’m at 0 units and sunjae and hoge top 8 haven’t been graded

Hoge and Sunjae not graded correctly and how can I see total p+l it says 0 units

Hm, I had both Im and Hoge to place and both graded correctly. T5 and T10. Not on skybet though.

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Ah, yeah I hadn’t actually tested out with top 8s before. We don’t have that position in the live model so grading is a bit different than the others. I’ll try to fix it this morning.

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This is a bit trickier than I originally thought. For now I added a “fix” to not auto-grade the bet (so it won’t break the overall profit anymore) but you’ll need to manually grade them.

Should be fixed with auto-grading by next Sunday though.

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I think there’s a bug with some of the Matchup & 3Ball prices in the ‘Latest’ column either being the same as the ‘Odds’ column or not updating with recent prices. I re-entered a few wagers in an attempt to confirm.

There could just be a time lag as well, in which case it’s working as intended

What tour are you seeing this on? I just realized that LIV won’t have been updating the prices after you log the bet. Should be fixed in a bit.

There will be a time lag as well if you add a bet from the my-bets page, and not the scratch page. But it should be updated the next time we update the odds.

I think I observed it on all three tours for 72-hole match bets. Apologies for not jotting down more details!

Added bets to the live model now. Green dots mean you have a bet on a player, red dots are bets against. This will only be available for PGA/Euro tour (no live models for the others).