Clubbing down OTT

Given the stretch of events we’re on where average driving distance is down, I’d be interested in looking at the relationship between driving distance and driving accuracy, at an overall level as well as by player. Not quite sure how it could be done (as where the drive ends up is pretty important to how far the ball will go!) but if there was some way of inferring with enough confidence that something less than driver was used that might provide a starting point, or even something like ‘this was a shot where driver was very likely used / this shot wasn’t’.

Can see a few other things muddying the waters to get something meaningful out of it but ‘how much accuracy a player can expect to gain (or not) by taking less club’ is broadly the question it would be nice to get an answer to.

The thought occurred to me as on this week’s course fit some ‘sprayers’ might be getting hammered when they are in fact closer to average on accuracy if not wielding the ‘big dog’ off the tee.


As an extension of the Historical Tournament Stats page, a breakdown by hole of the average driving distance on the Par 4 and 5’s would also be useful. Again this would give an indication of which holes players have likely clubbed down on and provide more context behind the overall average driving distance for the tournament e.g. is it being skewed by extremes, like 12 at Innisbrook