Collaborators for Learning/Working on Golf Analytics

I am a master’s student who works on golf analytics in my free time and as part of my coursework/research. I started by answering golf data questions with my own models and data when Data Golf was in its early stages. This field has grown so much since those days (in large part thanks to Matt and Will), but we still have so much unexplored territory.

I am interested in anyone, especially other students and amateur golf analysts, who would want to collaborate on some open-source models or other work. The goal would not at all be to compete with Data Golf or make any kind of business (this is not really even feasible at scale without access to shot-level Shotlink data), but rather to pursue interesting questions and share insights. Obviously, making models to understand golf better helps with betting, but I am also interested in questions of strategy (e.g., the classic “lay up or go for it” debate on certain par 5s).

This could include a reading group as well–I think I have read almost every data golf blog post, but I still have a lot to learn and I would enjoy reading them again and being able to discuss with others. There is also a lot of interesting recent work from other sources: e.g., 1 2

Please DM me here if you are interested in this or email me at